Chameleon Education & Outreach, Inc.

ChamEO is here to help the hobbyist with resources and ideas for improving chameleon care.

ChamEO also takes in any chameleon, rehabilitating those that are not well and seeking homes for those that are.

We are non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. 



Attila Molnar, DVM, Diplomate ABVP, Certified in Avian Practice

Dr. Molnar hails from Transylvania, Romania. As a child fascinated with animals, Dr. Molnar spent much of his free time chasing after snakes and lizards as well as breeding parakeets. In 1990 he realized his dream of becoming a veterinarian, graduating from the Institute of Veterinary Medicine of Budapest. Subsequently, he came to the United States and earned his veterinary degree from the University of Iowa. Since then, Dr. Molnar has worked continuously to advance his knowledge in the veterinary sciences, developing an interest in small animal internal medicine, and later expanding his skills to pursue and achieve board certification in avian medicine.

Dr. Molnar is above all passionate about animals, to which any friend or client can attest, with a lifelong goal of helping to protect threatened avian species in North America and abroad. In order to realize this goal, Dr. Molnar is involved in various conservation efforts, including those related to the Lear’s Macaw, California Condor, and New Zealand Kea and Kakapo.

In his rare free time, Dr. Molnar enjoys travel, photography, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and world politics. He shares his home with his son A.J. and a small herd of animals including snakes, birds, lizards, turtles, dogs, and his red male beta-fish named Paprika.

Chris V. Anderson, Ph.D.

​Chris Anderson has a Ph.D. in Biology (Physiology & Morphology) from the University of South Florida’s Department of Integrative Biology, where he studied the effects of temperature on ballistic tongue projection and tongue retraction in chameleons for his dissertation. Currently a Postdoctoral Researcher at Brown University, Chris is also a member of the IUCN/SSC Chameleon Specialist Group. His chameleon research has been published in top scientific journals and books, and the results have been featured in popular press and news outlets all over the world. He has traveled extensively to chameleon habitats around the world, including conducting work with chameleons in Madagascar, South Africa and Cameroon, as well as introduced populations in Florida. Further, Chris has been keeping chameleons since 1997, and since then has worked with over 70 different species and subspecies in captivity. Currently, Chris is the Editor and Webmaster of the Chameleons! Online E-Zine. Chris’ personal website can be found at and he can be emailed at either or

Dr. Molnar is ChamEO's primary veterinarian.  He makes it possible to provide the best care to ChamEO chameleons. We love him dearly.

ChamEO consults with Chris on species verification of rescues and all the usual stuff people depend on him for.

Karen Stockman

Karen has been keeping and breeding many species of chameleons for several years. Currently she is working with less common species; with a goal to have more captive-bred animals available in the trade besides the usual panthers and veileds. Her current breeding projects are at both ends of the spectrum: she is breeding a few species of the delicate little Pygmy chameleons as well as the very large and challenging Melleri chameleons.

Karen is very passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with newcomers - she participates in various educational events as well as writes for several online reptile publications, including a monthly chameleon column for Reptile Apartment

Karen can be reached at The Chameleon Farm or by email at

Associated Professionals

Jeff Hinkle

Jeff is a CPA and has worked in the professional accounting world for most of his life.  His experience comes in handy for ChamEO, since he can take care of the financial side of things.  As a young accountant, Jeff worked for two of the Big Four accounting firms - PWC and KPMG.  Jeff’s real world accounting experience allowed him to follow his passion and become a business manager for entertainers.  For the past 20 years, Jeff has worked for an entertainment based business management firm in Los Angeles and takes care of the financial needs of several well known recording and touring artists.  A life-long animal lover, Jeff enjoys helping Elisa with the chameleons as well as their warm-blooded animals.  He is also a life-long guitar player and has toured with one of his rock and roll clients. Maybe that makes Jeff a bit of a chameleon himself.  

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Elisa Hinkle
CEO & President


Elisa started out keeping chameleons like many others.  She saw a cute little reptile at the pet store and had to have it. Knowing very little, she bought him and set out on her way. Since that day, she has always strived for better understanding of her chameleons which helps her improve the care she provides. Understanding how easy it is to become overwhelmed as a new keeper, or a keeper with an ailing chameleon, she offers to help navigate the path to success or recovery.  


Elisa and her family volunteered for the Southwestern Herpetologists Society for about 9 years following the purchase of that first chameleon.  Naturally, she became the safe haven to chameleons that were brought in as rescues through the Society.  This set her on the path to create an organization that specialized in chameleon rescue and rehabilitation in Los Angeles.  To this day the doors have always been open to any chameleon in need.

You can find Elisa most days working on ChamEO-related matters.  Whether it's caring for chameleons, helping others, working with volunteers, or performing administrative duties, every day is a ChamEO day.  

The ChamEO Team