What We Offer

Chameleon Adoptions

Chameleon Education & Outreach, Inc.

ChamEO is here to help the hobbyist with resources and ideas for improving chameleon care.

ChamEO also takes in any chameleon, rehabilitating those that are not well and seeking homes for those that are.

We are non-profit with 501(c)(3) status. 


Chameleons are put up for adoption for a wide range of reasons. In many cases, previous keepers want the best for these animals and just want to know that they are loved and cared for. ChamEO’s goal is to provide the best for these chameleons from this point forward.

Following is a guide on how you can adopt from ChamEO.

1. Send an email to Elisa at chamelisa@yahoo.com expressing interest in adopting.

2. Have a screened cage set up prepared and ready for the chameleon you wish to adopt. Examples of what your cages look like will not suffice.  The enclosure must provide for hydration, UVB lighting, proper thermoregulation, exercise, normal chameleon behavior and comfort.

3. Send photos or video that clearly shows the following:

  • The screened enclosure with details such as size and fabrication material.
  • UVB and basking lights, we are no longer accepting CFLs as a UVB source.
  • Hydration sources (must have a misting system and dripper).
  • Proper drainage method.
  • Arrangement of branches/perches
  • Orientation to any outside lighting such as a window or ambient light.
  • Temp/Humidity Gauge, preferably digital for easy readings.
  • Nesting area for egg laying females.

4. Any issues with the enclosure must be addressed before you will be granted an adoption.

5.  Chameleons will only be adopted to homes with an automated misting system. 

6.   Explain why you would like to adopt this particular chameleon, what your experience is and the type of diet you plan to provide for him/her.

7.  Acknowledge that there is a $25 adoption fee (+shipping if you are not local) per chameleon.

8. You would have to agree not to sell or trade the ChamEO adoption animal.

9. If you are unable to provide necessary care (adequate and beneficial husbandry, veterinary care, etc.) due to a change in your circumstances you will need to return the chameleon to ChamEO, Inc. in a safe and responsible manner.  By applying for a ChamEO adoption, you are stating that you're able to provide necessary care as described.

10. All adoptions are at ChamEO's discretion and always in the best interest of that particular chameleon.

11.  Once you are chosen as Adopter, please complete the contract below and submit it by email to info@chameo.org.  You may pay ChamEO for shipping and adoption fees by credit card via PayPal.  

ChamEO Adoption Agreement.pdf